Egyptian couple overjoyed with delivery of quadruplets in UAE

Source: Al-Arabiya 
An Egyptian couple in the United Arab Emirates is welcoming the pitter patter of 40 tiny toes after giving birth to quadruplets – all baby boys.

Ahmed, Adam, Mohamed and Malek, weighing between 1.6kg to 2kg each, arrived into the world on July 6, 2021

Their parents, Omar, aged 38, a construction supervisor and 33-year-old Hiba (name changed upon request) now have seven children, with their daughters Habiba, 11, Farah, six, and Rahma, four, all previously born in Egypt.

Prof Ahmed Elbohoty, gynecologist and an IVF consultant at NMC Royal Hospital, Sharjah, who delivered the babies via emergency caesarian section said: “A lady with quadruplet pregnancy delivering in her 31st week of gestation is carrying very high risk. She had all her antenatal care under my supervision as I was aiming to delay time of delivery keeping in mind her and the kids’ safety”.

Dr Pooja Agarwal, a specialist in neonatology at the hospitalsaid quadruplet pregnancy is as rare as 1 in 700,000 cases with a 25 percent risk of spontaneous loss before birth

At the time of delivery almost 20 doctors and nurses from multispecialities were there to help for a smooth transition,” the doctor said. “The babies needed mild respiratory support after birth and two babies had feed intolerance”.

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Hiba’s three daughters were also delivered via Caesarean Section, and this was the fourth cesarean section delivery requiring collaboration of neonatology, critical care and anesthesia teams.

Michael Brenden Davis, CEO, NMC Healthcare said: “We are delighted to be sending home these little bundles of joy to start their lives. I am so thankful to our amazing team of doctors and nurses for their hard work and dedication and also to the parents of these sweet quadruplets who have kept their faith and belief in us all along”.

Omar praised the medical staff, saying: “I would like to thank everyone in the hospital for all spectacular services given to my wife. The overall warmth was amazing and personal. Thanks to Dr. Ahmed, Dr. Pooja and all the staff. We are happy that despite the low birth weights, the babies are doing fine”.

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